Our Story

Artisan Boulangerie Co. started in 2013 as a small neighborhood bakery near Orchard Road that offered a variety of breads, pastries and morning treats with a focus on artisanal techniques with the highest quality ingredients. 

Soon after, we developed a large following for our delicious and wholesome food. As our popularity grew, we brought its passion for heart-crafted, high quality fare to an expanded menu – including café classics and ‘bistro’ signature entrees.

Today, we continue to fulfill the needs of our neighbors with a menu of ingredient-inspired, prepared-to-order food. When you visit one of our outlets, you’ll smell our fresh baked pastries and breads. You’ll hear the whirl of baristas laboring over the perfect artisanal coffee. You will see real kitchens in place of assembly lines and feel the warmth from our ovens working all day long.

They’re the traditions we established four years ago that we passionately follow today.


Artisan Boulangerie Co was recently named 31 best brunch places in Singapore by Best In Singapore in 2020!